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Canon ProGraf 4000 color has changed


I have been using my Pro 4000 for 6 years or so, and I have to say I LOVE this printer!

About 2 months ago I had either a huge power surge or a lightning strike (or something), and it fried the printer cable connection on the back of my printer, and also a usb connection on the back of my computer.

I have since connected the printer using the network cable connection, going through my modem and connecting to my Mac with network cable to the same modem.

Ever since this setup I cannot match the same color prints I had been making before the power surge event.

I use Calibrate CCstudio software with my X-Rite i1Studio hardware to create my own ICC profiles and for some reason I have been unable to print color consistent with what I was printing before. I can come close for some colors, but for extremely saturated Teal and Blue colors it's like the printer just can't create the same color intensity as before.

I'm wondering now if: 1. The network cable connection would (or could) in any way affect the color compared to a USB connection, or: 2. Maybe the power surge damaged more than the one input?

Does anyone have any experience with comparing color using different connections?
Could a power surge that fried the usb printer cable connection have changed how the printer colors appear?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Blumer8,

Because this issue may be hardware related, it is recommended that you contact technical support via phone for further assistance. There is NO charge for this call. Please dial 1-800-423-2366, Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, excluding holidays. A Technical Support Representative can determine the cause of the issue and resolve it or provide you with your available service options.

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Hi Patrick, sorry for the delayed response.
I've actually been in touch with Canon support 3 times now.
The problem (and the reason this has been so hard to diagnose) is that the power surge effected more than just my printer, it damaged my computer, scanner and the Canon Pro 4000.
I need to purchase a new scanner, I've already had to purchase a new computer, but with Canon support help, I was able to use the Pro 4000 by connecting to it with the network port instead of the USB port.
Color is not the same as before, but I just am not sure if it is because something else in the printer was damaged (like the board that has the connections), or if the actual method of connecting to the printer (USB vs network, vs WiFi) could change the color?

That was the reason for the initial post, was to see if anyone here had any experience with differences in print color when changing the connection method (if that could even affect color?)