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Canon ImageRUNNER 2730i Secure Print without UniFLOW


We bought some Canon IR 2730i. Before buying them, the seller did not tell us that the printer did not support the installation of 3rd party applications.
Now we are facing some serious problems. We have many printers (mostly HP) and users and we use PaperCut. We cannot change all printers to UniFLOW and teach the new program to over 300 people.
The main task is to print with Secure Print using NFC tags for authorization.
The printer is connected to the network, synchronized with Active Directory, all users can authorize without any problem.
PaperCut cannot be installed on the printer because it is not possible to install third-party programs. (Is there a way around this restriction?)

UniFLOW is currently installed on the printer. There is a subscription to UniFLOW Online Express for testing. But required functionality is absent and it does not make sense to buy Online for testing.

Is similar scheme possible?
1. PaperCut (Print "management") > CUPS (Print server) > UniFLOW (Autorization) > Print
2. PaperCut (Print "management" > CUPS (Print server) > ActiveDirectory (Autorization) > Print

The simplest Imagerunner ADVANCED can handle these tasks, but our device cannot because of its limited functionality.



Hi, yohanserobyan!

Thanks for posting! While our forum community members are welcome to chime in, Canon does not provide direct support for imageRUNNER series products. Instead, your dealer will be able to help you! If you don't have a dealer and you're in the United States, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) and we will be happy to provide you with the names of dealers in your area.

If you're outside the USA, visit and choose your country or region from the map for local support.

We hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply Danny.

The printer was purchased from an official supplier and tech support cannot answer these questions. It is likely that the vendor chose a printer that is not suitable for us.
So far I am waiting for a response from Canon regional tech support, but I doubt they can resolve this issue.

I would like to hear from someone who has the relevant knowledge and experience.