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Can't install Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S on Mac Mini M1 with Monterey


I just got a new Mac Mini M1 that comes pre-installed with Mac OS 12 Monterey. We work in a mid-size design office and we have a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S that is connected via ethernet. All our other Macs have the Pro-4000s installed successfully. But with the new Mac Mini it doesn't really work. In System Preferences, when I try to add the printer, it sees it in the network, and it also recognises that it needs to install the Canon Pro-4000s driver. But when I try to print, none of the Canon-specific settings are available. Just as if it had nevertheless used a standard driver instead of the Canon-specific one.

It works fine on the Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) but not on OS 12 Monterey. I've also tested it on another Mac with Monterey, and I also can't get it to work. 

Is the driver software in the end not OS 12 compatible (even though it says so on the Canon website). And: just to be clear: Yes, I have downloaded the correct driver, and all the relevant software packages, and I did a clean install.

Any suggestions? Any advice?

Thank you for your support