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ts 9020 will not connect with google mesh wifi router.


The printer wifi icon has a little x in the box and signal strength shows zero. My computer right next to the printer is 

strong. My MacBook air will not allow me to add a printer.  This all has occurred since I installed the Google mesh wifi router in place of a linksys router to improve my signal strength. All other devices work, only the Canon TS9020 printer does not.




The printer supports 2.4Ghz wireless only

If your mesh system is using the same SSID name for both 2.4/5Ghz broadcasts, it can cause issues with some devices connecting.

To test, temporarily disable the 5Ghz broadcast on the mesh system, or give it a unique name.  Example:



Then see if the printer will associate with the "MyHouse2.4" broadcast

I don't recall if you can do this from the Google Home App.  It depends on the generation of the NEST system.  On older systems you have to do this from the admin portal.


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The problem is the Google mesh router decides which bandwidth is best for the situation.  It will only send out the 5.0ghz to my location. It is not practical for me to take the printer to the garage.  Probably the answer is to set up a second router name that some how prioritizes 2.4ghz when I am using the printer but haven't found out how to do that.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Taylorioh,

If you have switched routers, you will need to perform the wireless setup for the printer again. You can follow the steps in the link HERE to perform the wireless setup. If your router is set to 5ghz only, the printer will not be able to detect the network and the printer will not be able to connect if you are using WPA 3 for the security.