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printing with mac on pc networked printer


I have a canon ix6520.. It is not a wireless.  It is installed on my desktop pc and is setup up on it's network. My pc laptop has no problem using the printer.  A new macbook has entered the house and the other day I spent 3 hours trying to get it to print with no luck... I used the disc that came with the printer and installed the software on the mac... I jumped through many hoops in the printer dialog window on the mac to set the canon as the default printer but in the end could never get it to print. The printer is directly connected to my pc desktop and my router has no usb to hook it up that way. The printer has no ethernet port either.  I am at a loss...  One terrible solution is to take the mac into the room where the printer is and hard wire it everytime we need to print.   HELP !!!

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