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pixma ip7250 keeps losing connection


i have a pixma IP7250, connected wireless. I have had issues with the wireless, in that every so often when the printer is switched on, no networked system can print to it, and I needed to switch the router off and on, to regain connectivity.  I first off cured this by not using DHCP as such, but giving the router a reserved IP from the routers DHCP table. This worked for a while but started again. After doing some searching I found that the printer has a webpage, and I gave the printer a static IP, well out of the routers DHCP range, from this page. This again cured the random not connecting issues for a month or so, but they have returned. I have since found that switching off the wireless and then on again at the router cures the issues. Oddly all other wireless devices work fine, 2 tablets 3 phones and 2 laptops. I am using both Windows 10 and 7, and the canon app on a tablet.

I am unsure as to what to do now.  When connected the printer webpage shows over 90% signal strength and quality. The printer is running firmware 1.101. I would suspect the router, but since all other networked devices work fine when this happens, I am inclined to point to the printer as the culprit.

Can anyone offer advice, as to what to do next??  Could this be an IPv6 issue????

Trying to connect to the printer webpage when this happens I get a page timed out message, and the canon IJ network tool just says printer not found.