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installing printer failing


I had used my PIXMA MG5220 printer with my Dell laptop with Windows 10 before, but for some reason it no longer worked. If I tried to print, the document would show in the print queue (on my laptop) with status “Printing” for a minute before changing to “Error”. I tried restarting the printer, laptop, and router, and doing Microsoft’s printer troubleshooter. I temporarily disabled my VPN and firewall. I know the printer is connected to my wireless network because I am able to install the driver anew and print from a different Dell laptop with Windows 10 in my home. But if I try to install on MY laptop, I get as far as “Communicating with printer” and then it says “The printer could not be detected on the network”. Is there some other setting or trick I’m missing?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Alphabit,


If one computer can connect but the other computer can't reach it, it would point to something blocking the connection or an issue with the network connection. To check if your computer can reach the printer over the network, you can print the network settings using the steps in the link HERE.


Once you have the printer's IP address, you can open a web page and clear out the address bar. In the address bar, you can type in the printer's IPv4 address and then press enter to see if you can get to the network page of the printer.


If you can't get to the printer's network page, you can check if the network that the computer is connected to matches the SSID found on the network settings page. If you are on the same network and still can't get to the network page. You can try moving the printer closer to the router to see if you can improve the signal strength.


If the computer is still unable to get to the network page for the printer or if the setup still can't find the 5220, I would suggest checking your network settings with the company that makes the router to make sure all of the settings are correct and you can disable all security software running on the computer.