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imageCLASS MF641Cw Changes IP Address Daily


Almost every time I try to print something each day the printer has changed its ip address.  I don't understand why it is doing this.  I have a static ip address setup in my router specifically for this printer.  How do I get this printer to only use the static ip address?



The static IP address has to be set on the PRINTER too, not just on the router.


I beg to differ.  You do not need to set a static IP on the router and destination device.


If your printer is not using the static or reserved IP address set on your router, then there is a problem in your router settings or configuration.  A reserved IP address uses the MAC address of the network adapter to identify which device connection gets the IP specified.  A printer, peripheral or computer can be left in Automatic or DHCP mode.  The router if configured properly will assign the IP, each time and every time the device connects to the network regardless of the time which has elapsed between use or the device being powered off or on, etc.

What is the band and model of the router?  Maybe we can help point you in the right direction.

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Well then why do printers, in their network settings, let you change from DHCP to Static and let you ASSIGN the printer a static address?

On my home network, my three network printers are setup this way, and on the router I designate a range of IP addresses reserved for static use. As long as I give the printer an address within that reserved range, I have never had a printer lose its IP address in years of use. I even had a WiFi-connected printer that would occasionally have to be rebooted to be seen, but it was not because its IP address changed.