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imageCLASS LBP236dw driver will not install


Connected to wifi just fine.  Win10: Attempted to install from CD.  Failed (that was hours ago and I no longer remember the message.  Tried installing from downloaded PCL driver.  Specified basic configuration just to get the printer running.  Selected correct IP address.  "An error occurred during the processing of printer..."  No useful information!!!  This is ridiculous!  Tuesday morning the printer is going back into box and back to Amazon.  Cannot believe how terrible the instructions are or how horrid the software is.  This is worse than installing a printer on the original Windows a gazillion years ago.



Problem appears to be related to a partially installed driver.  There is supposed to be an uninstall utility somewhere, but I am unable to locate it.  [The instructions for installing from downloaded software are non-existent.  There are several files to choose from and no indication of where to start.  This is our first experience with a Canon printer, after years of horrid service from HP, and Canon seems to be in the same class.  Not what we were hoping for.]

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