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Wireless on MG3620 - light shows it has a connection but I cannot find it on any network


I have set up the Pixma MG3620 but I cannot set up the wireless printing.  The light is on and shows it connected to a network but I cannot find which one (I needed a small unit and this one doesn't have a screen).  I followed the directions but holding down the wireless button to get the power button blinking does not work.  I have held it down multiple times, each time for over 15 seconds.  I am at a loss.  Is there a way to find it?  Should I buy a USB to USB cord and try to set it up connected? I don't want the wire.


Thanks for the help....


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi NCguy,


Do you have a smartphone or tablet?  If so, try downloading the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app from the Google Play Store or iTunes and using that app to connect your PIXMA MG3620 to your wireless network.  Once it is connected, try setting it up on your computer again.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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Patrick, I am having the same problem here. When following these steps, it ultimately leads to the same step: hold down the wi-fi button and the on button will flash.  The on button will not flash!  What should we do if the light does not flash?  Everything up to this step was smooth sailing.  Yes, my printer is on.

i have the same issue but its not working. i tried each step and still wifi button is flashing but my macbook cant find printer and my iphone also cant find printer. its frustrating me .

I am having the same issue, and it is becoming quite frustrating. I've also seen mention of doing a factory reset by holding down the power button until the light flashes 17 times, but I can't even get it to flash once. It almost seems like the printer either recognize's only button presses and not holds, or the light simply doesn't flash. However, with that in mind, I did try holding the WiFi button for about a minute and then doing the other steps without the flashing on light, but that just caused orange lights to activate and it did not sound like it was doing what I had intended so I pressed stop and then turned off the printer. I have also tried connecting via the android app, but it remains "waiting for a connection to the network starting with [Canon_ij_]" for what seems like eternity (I left it open for 10 or 15 minutes using each method: automatic, LAN, and direct connection).

Same here, let me know if you found a solution.




I fixed it. I hope it works for you also:

- First, ensure not more than 1 wireless router is turned on to eliminate confusion.

- Ensure your computer or smartphone is on the same network that you want the printer to connect through.

- I logged onto my router settings ( and I manually added the printer's MAC address.

- I then pressed the wifi button with the constant blue light on, until the ON button started flashing.

- Pressed the Color button once, then the wifi button once, then the wifi light started flashing.

- My smartphone Canon app found the printer right away and I completed the setup.


Goodluck all..


I just had a very similar issue.


Turns out that in order to setup the device to use the scan functionality you must first insert ink cartridges. o_O


Dear Bob,

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. I'd be happy to assist you with your PIXMA MG3620.

You indicated that holding down the wifi button on the printer does not cause the power light to flash. So that I can better assess your situation, I'd like to ask a few questions.

1. Have you installed both ink tanks?
2. Is the orange alarm light on the printer flashing? If so, how many times?

We look forward to your response with the requested information.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Thank you for choosing Canon.

Pretty crazy I know. But it did work.


Maybe this won't be a "feature" on future models...

Same problem - and same solution - with the MG3650.  Ink cartridges installed and all works.  But not without difficulties.  WPS finally solved the rest.

Make sure the exit tray is closed..that's what worked for me..idk why

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