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Windows 11 driver for imageCLASS MF4890dw doesn't work


I have an Imageclass mf4890dw printer.  Although it works just fine, I found out that Canon no longer supports it.  I just bought a new PC with Windows 11.  I downloaded the drivers recommended on Canon's website, but when I go to print I get the message "Driver is unavailable."  Is it possible I have to junk this perfectly functional printer?  The website says that these are the drivers for Windows 11.  HELP!!



Hey there! 

This printer was retired in 2021. This means that software and driver development ended in 2021, so the most currently available drivers and software are the last ones to be made. We recommend upgrading to a current printer if they do not work on your PC.

You will find all of the available software and drivers on our site HERE.

If you'd like to speak with a Canon Upgrade Specialist about your options, they're at 866-443-8002, Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET). 

I saw that Canon says they will only support their printers for 10 years.  This is truly execrable behavior!  I should not be forced to buy a new printer when the old one is still perfectly functional, just because Canon won't publish a new driver for it.  If you told me that the printer cannot be made to function with Windows 11, that would be different.  But to force me to buy another printer because of an arbitrary 10-year support period is extremely wasteful, terrible for the environment and for my pocketbook, worse than planned obsolescence.  I will never buy another Canon product!

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