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Why won't my Pixma MX410 work wirelessly? Blue light is on, but computer says it's offline.


I have repeatedly used the "easy setup" to get the printer on the network. sometimes it will work, but most of the time I am getting an error message that says that my printer is offline. It works fine if I connect by USB, but I bought it so I wouldn't HAVE to connect with a cord. I wanted a WIRELESS printer.


Hi everyone I too was having the same problem with my wireless connection on my new laptop but I just discovered that my problem was when I was attempting to print the wrong printer was set as my default printer so just make sure when you attempt to print something you are using the newest default in my case it was Canon pixma series printer copy 3

I have also been having the same problem ever since I bought this printer. I have done all of the things that Canon says to do and NOTHING works. This is a flawed product and I think Canon should replace these printers with a new one that works (hopefully they read this board and work out glitches in their products!). Just to review: my printer is literally 15 feet away from my laptop with no obstructions whatsoever, there is no microwave running (or any other "waves" that might interfere), I have uninstalled and reinstalled printer software on 3 different occasions on TWO DIFFERENT laptops, I have unplugged and plugged, turned off and on, cursed at it, spoken nicely to it....AND NOTHING WORKS.


For those of you who read this who are looking for a wireless printer to buy, DO NOT GET THIS ONE. Until Canon makes it right.

I am sorry to hear of your trouble but am thankful to have seen your message because I too have EXACTLY the same problem.  I tried everything you did once with no luck.  You have saved me hours of time trying to fix this problem, which apparently is a defect in the printer and has nothing to do with what we are doing.  I'm going to give up rather than waste the time and start shopping for a new printer.  Very frustrating!




Hi everyone!


With any wireless printer, there are several things that can impact a printer's ability to communicate with the computer or network.  Since each situation will be unique, please Contact Us for individualized network troubleshooting.

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I am very frustrated, reading this forum and Canon's tech support answers.  From the number of people complaining about this problem, it is obvious that these printers are defective in some way.  Please stop giving us  stock answers, admit there's a problem, and find a solution.

I purchased the mx472 - wifi connection issue
returned and decided to give canon another chance and invested in the mx922 - same wifi issue.

I love their "non-ansewrs". Seriously, what is the fix? The printers have great features but I'm trying to get rid of my USB cable.

I tried OSX, Windows, different laptops, desktops, switched routers 3 times, wps, direct passphrase, assign an ip address. I should have not even had to do all this and still nothing.

I have no other issues with any other devices connecting. Why does this printer not maintain the connection???

Now I'm going to pack up this monster and return it a second time and then purchase a different brand. Wifi was the selling feature, if I wanted USB connection I would have saved me some money.

I've lost 2 weeks trying to figure out a fix and nothing to show for all my searches and fix attempts.

Hi.  I've got this same problem with my brand-new printer.  I've re-set the connection several times, the router is only a few feet from the printer and the indicator in the utilities says 'Wireless LAN active'.  But when I try to print the message comes back that my printer is off line.  It works fine with a cable, but I also need wireless.  


Do you have any other suggestions, please?


I must be thick, my son-in-law set up my printer and I can't fathom why it wont work. Its conected to the power and there is a wire with telephone connector ( not connected to anything) should this go in to my router? the blue WiFi light is on. Thanks


Hi All!


I wanted to  thank you for your questions!  If Ramona's post above wasn't able to solve the issues you're having, please contact us using the following link:Contact Us.


You all may also benefit from our wireless troublershooting section online.  Here is a direct link to view the wireless troubleshooting section for the PIXMA MX410:

I hope this helps!


Have you guys figured out a fix? Seems like there is an common problem going on. Same as everyone else, I have turned on/off, unplugged. I have moved the printer from the basement to the upstairs so it's closer to the router. I had the same problem on our other laptop and i deleted and re-added the driver so many times, it won't re-add to driver. I ended up buying a cheap $50 HP at Walmart for that laptop but I haven't had any issues with connecting from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone so i end up using that printer a lot more.


I really don't want to spend an afternoon on the phone with the help desk.