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Where do I find the connection and security code for my Pixma MX860 scanner printer?



What is the context of the question? (I.e. What program is asking for it?) There is no "connection and security code" of a printer. There is a WPS pin code on some models, but you should not need that as there are better ways to acomplish the same tasks.

It is from the Canon App I had to download in order to print from and IPad. It either wants me to scan a QR code (which there is none) or it is asking for the connection and security code from the printer.

The app will detect printers on the same network as the iPad when you click on the + sign in the upper left hand corner, followed by "Register printer" at the bottom. This printer does not offer a way to set up the wifi from the PRINT app (which I presume is tyhe app in question). The printer will need to already be on your wireless network.


If I know what you are talking about, the code that the app wants is for setting up cloud service, which this printer does not have, as it is an older model.

On mine, I switched to the Business app instead of the print & scan app. It found the printer right away. See if that solves it for you.




I had a stinker of a time trying to get an IPad and new IPhone SE to print to my Cannon Pixma MX922. It had been working fine previously with my old IPhone SE, from a different carrier.  Finally in desperation I tried unplugging my router and then restarting everything my printer, my phone, my IPad. It recognized the printer on the IPhone Photos App, before I kept seeing no Air Printer found.  I also had tried the Cannon App which wanted the QR and security code, which was a big question mark.  Only the people trying to use that App seemed to know what they were asking for/talking about, except nobody could get it to work.  Hope this helps someone shave off a few hours of frustration.

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