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WIFI Connectivity issue after Router reset

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I have a MAXIFY MB5450 printer. Due to Netwrok update reason, the internet provide came today and reset my router with a new wifi name but the password reamins the same. However I cannot connect the printer back to the wifi. I tried reset the WLAN but it has no use. I also switched off and on the printer and still didn't work. What should I do now?


The reset router has WPA3 feature. Will it be the case to prevent the WLAN connection?


Thank you


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At this time, I am not aware that any of Canon's printer's support WPA3 Security.  This is a newer standard, but typically these devices are backwards compatible which means you can still use WPA2 devices with your network.  The device might have a option to enable backwards compatibility, so you can look for that in case its not enabled.  From your description, it sounds like the printer is still trying to connect to your "old' network. 


See pages 304 and 305 of your user guide:


MB5400 series Online Manual (


You can connect the winter to your Wi-Fi network (manually) specifying the network name, security and Wi-Fi password from the printer's control Panel (LCD)



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