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Trying to scan using Windows 11 Scan App and PIXMA TS6260


I use a Canon TS6260 printer/scanner and have Windows 11 on my laptop.  Both laptop and printer are connected to WiFi.  I have always scanned using the Windows Scan App which has been great.  However recently I can no longer scan using this app ... if I try to scan I get a message on the laptop which says "to get started connect a scanner".  I know the printer/scanner is connected to the laptop as I'm able to print to it with no issues.  I have also tried using 'Windows Fax and Scan'/New Scan" and get the error message 'No scanners were detected .....".  I've spent hours on this, turning everything off and on, turning the VPN off etc, with no luck.  

I finally downloaded "Canon IJ Scan Utility" and gave been able to use the scanner using that.

However, I would like to be able to use the Windows Scan App as it made scanning so easy.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.




I have a couple of ImageClass devices connected to a wireless network and am using windows 11.

I had never tried using Windows Fax and Scan until reading your post today.  I reviewed the software that comes with the TS6260.

Just a few things I'll mention.  3rd party anti-virus application can keep devices from communicating properly.  VPN - If this is a work device (one issued by your employer) and you use VPN, it has to be configured to use split tunnel in order for you to use devices connected to your local LAN, otherwise all traffic is sent to the office and local communication is restricted. 

If you can use the IJ Scan Utility the VPN is probably already configured for split tunnel and if you have a 3rd party AV, exceptions for peripherals likely exist.

My devices come right up when I open Windows Fax and Scan.


Can you press the change button and select your device?


If not, see my link below which might help.  

IJ Network Scanner Selector EX2 Menu and Setting Screen

Canon : Manuals : IJ Network Scanner Selector EX2 Menu and Setting Screen

My searches indicate the TS6260 is a printer intended for sale in Australia.  Just wanted to confirm this is your device?

What software did you install?


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