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TR8620a LAN or WIFI connection issues



I replaced my old PIXMA printer which was on wifi with this new TR8620a printer and connected it to the same wifi.

After some time the printer will drop from the wifi. The router is 2 feet from the printer.

I then connected it by wire and every time the printer turns off it obtains a different IP. Yes, I know that I can set a static IP on my router in a normal situation, but I have Starlink and it doesn't allow that unless I replace the Starlink router with a 3rd party device which I am not doing.

I've enabled wifi direct and standard wifi - my Windows 10 system sees them as online but the printer does not respond to print requests.

I would like to use the wireless technology in this printer as I did successfully for years with my old canon and have it stay connected. How can I do this on this printer?




Product Expert
Product Expert


Please follow these steps:

1.  Please tap the Wi-Fi icon in the lower left corner of your PIXMA TR8620a's display.

2.  Next, select Wi-Fi.

3.  Select the Advanced button at the bottom.

4.  Select TCP/IP settings.

5.  Select IPv6 and then Yes.

6.  Select Enable/disable IPv6 and select Disable.

Once disabled, please turn your printer off.

When your printer is off, please unplug the power cord from your router.  Wait 15 seconds and then reconnect the power cord to your router.

After your router is back online, please turn your PIXMA TR8620a and attempt to print again.

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Oh man! I missed that big old Advanced option on the wifi settings.

Thanks for the hint. 

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