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TR7520 - connecting wirelessly with multiple devices


I have been using a Pixma TR7520 on a single network with multiple devices for more than 4 years without any issues. In the last month, which ever device I want to print from, I have to re-connect the printer with the Wifi connection wizard which in turn knocks off the other devices making them unable to communicate with the printer.

I have two wireless laptops and an ethernet connected desktop plugged into the same router all running Windows 10. I cannot figure out what changed to cause this.




Not sure I can think of any specific event that might cause this behavior.  Maybe removing some variable might help.

I suggest you assign the printer a static or reserved IP.  This can be done on your router, and only needs to be done once.

Log into its control panel and look at the list of attached devices.  Note the IP address the router has assigned to the printer.  Now look for the option to assign or reserve an IP address for a device.  Reserve the address the router has assigned to the printer.  Now restart the printer and ensure the setting is working.

Do this from a web browser or command prompt.  Example, my printer is assigned IP

Web Browser:


Command Prompt:


Once verified, start with one computer.  Visit the support portal for the printer and grab the latest drivers offered by Canon.

Canon Support for PIXMA TR7520 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Now we will remove and reinstall the printer with its reserved IP address.

On one of the systems, navigate to Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Device and Printers

Find all instances of the TR7520.  Right-click and select remove device.  


Now return to Control Panel and open Programs and Features.  Uninstall all drivers for the TR7520


Now restart the computer.  Make sure the printer is on.  Run the installer for the printer and allow it to install the device.  If you are given the option to install using its IP address,  (the one reserved previously) you may do so.

Now move to each device performing the same steps until the printer has been removed and installed on each system.  What this does. Moving forward, the printer will always use the same IP address or "destination".  Devices on the network (wired or wireless) will always be able to find the printer at its static IP.

This should take care of the communication issue permanently.


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