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Save custom frame or border for IVY 2 mini print app


We are trying to create a custom border or frame for our stickers on the Ivy 2 mini printer. We can do this once but then we have to start from scratch with another photo. Is there any way to create a border or frame that we can save and swap out the main photo? Can we create any images with transparency to accomplish this. We’ve tried for a few hours to no avail. We don’t want to have to create the frame every single time. The included sports frames are very similar but the colors aren’t right. There has to be a way to save a layout with transparency right?


please help! We have a sports function soon and want to share these awesome stickers with our friends. 



Having the ability to create and share personalized layouts would immensely enhance the user experience and offer a way for users to contribute to the app's offerings. Especially for groups that have connections already (think any organization like school, work, community, etc). Personalized layouts for those groups can help users to better reflect their creativity, style, and memories within those groups and share layouts among those groups.

If there's already a way to achieve this that I might have missed, I would greatly appreciate guidance. Otherwise, I'd like to formally request this feature for future updates.

For those in the community who also feel this would be a beneficial feature, please voice your support. Together, we can make the Canon Ivy 2 experience even better!