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Printer cannot be contacted over the network. No IP address on printer.



I have tried repeatedly to add an MX410 printer that I deleted after a change of routers. Consistenly, the printer cannot be found during the add and I am forced to manualy add the printer from the list of printers displayed by the process. But the printer always ends up not responding and trouble shooting tells me that the "Printer cannot be contacted over the internet. Largely because I was uncertain about what IP adress had been assigned to the printer, I printed the lan information from the MX410 itself. It tells me that the Wireless Lan is enabled, but the Link Status is disabled. There is no assigned IP address - the field is blank. I have turned off all firewalls with out effect.

It would be great to know why the device doesn't have an IP address and what I can do about it.

Thanks in advance.