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Print studio pro not printing correct sizes


Hi. I have a Pixma Pro-1 and an Imageprograf pro-1000 (two different locations, two different computers), and use print studio pro with photoshop to print on both. When I try to print, I cannot get either machine to print out at the correct size, and it often prints "squished" into the wrong demensions with solid colour stripes down the side where the rest of the image should be. I am sizing the image properly in Photoshop, making sure PSP is at the correct quality and paper settings, but it is spitting out completely glitched-out prints. I have tried multiple different paper sizes and image settings, and even different computers running PSP, so I know the problem isn't with a specific machine. Has anyone else had this issue before? The best I can describe the printouts is the image printing at completely incorrect dimensions, and where the "missing" part of the image should be, I get these bars of solid colour instead (sometimes lots of colours, sometimes just green or magenta or whatever else the stupid thing decides to print with). I'm running a Mac with the latest version of Catalina, Photoshop CC 2020, and the printer driver is updated as well. Both usb and WiFi connections produce the same problem. 





Which version of Windows or macOS are you using? 
Are you printing using WiFi or USB?
Are there any other details that might help us help you?

If this is urgent, please reach out to support at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET), and someone will walk you through troubleshooting to get to the bottom of this!

If you're not in the USA, please visit to find support options in your home country. 

I'm using Pc/Windows 11.

Printing to network (pc->wifi-router->PRO-1000)  so not using direct WiFi.


As I can see googling, this is a very common and for prefessionals a extremely time and paper waisting problem so it would be nice if you could take a large grip on the subject. Or if you already did, point to a solution.


It's most likely a driver or firmware problem. I've never had this in any other printer.

But please advice. 


I'm printing A5 when it a happens for me. 


Has anyone been able to resolve this issue.  I have been experiencing it for the past few months and work around by using the usual ctrl-P print but I woudl much rather use PSP.