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PIXMA TS6420a not visible to iPhone, older PIXMA MG3220 OK


I purchased a Canon Pixma TS6420a recently after not being able to connect a Pixma MG 3620 to my iPhone 13 Pro. The new TS6420a printer is connected to the same wifi network, but when I go to choose the air printer the message always says "no air printer found." The new printer says it's connected. The online manual is useless as it recapitulates the same info as the hard copy instructions. My much older Pixma MG 3220 (on its last leg) is still found when I turn that printer on.

Canon blames the problem on Apple and Comcast. Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert


Do you have the Canon print app installed on your iPhone? If so, is the printer not detected there as well?

We look forward to your reply. 

Yes, The App is installed on my phone. The Printer says it's on the network when I connect to my Wifi, but the new printer cannot be found on my iPhone 13 Pro. Using the App is no help. I even moved the printer next to the modem and the signal test was 100 %. Still no luck. Printer works fine when it's connected directly to my MacBook. I can only print wirelessly on my old MG3220 located in the basement.