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PIXMA MX922 not responding to computer via WPS modem


My printer was previously connected and responding to all devices via my router. I received a new modem that has wps function which made the router obsolete, so I disconnected the router. The printer is responding to my mobile via new modem but not my computer, which has Windows 11. I've been going in circles trying to get the printer responding to my computer but to no avail. Help???




The WPS feature does not make another device obsolete.  It sounds like your original modem, was replaced with a modem/router.  If you are happy with the new devices performance, broadcast range, bandwidth , etc, its fine to remove the other router as you cannot have two devices on the same network performing DHCP and NAT.

Start here:

First confirm your MX922 is in fact connected to the new modem/router.  You can do this by logging into its admin portal and viewing the list of attached devices.  Since the printer supports Bluetooth connection via the Canon Print App, its important to verify its connected to the wireless network on your new modem/router.  This step should not be skipped.

If you know the printers IP address, verify you can ping it from a command prompt or that you can reach its webserver by entering its IP address into a browser.

Once confirmed, I suggest you remove the printer from your windows 11 computer.  Then uninstall its driver.  

Important - Restart your system

Now re-install the MX922 to your system

Print Driver and Scan Utility Installer Ver.1.01 (Windows) 


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