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PIXMA MG3620 unable to connect to new router


Hey there - I recently got a new router. I need to connect my pixma printer to it and followed canon ‘s instructions including tap the wifi button until start blinks, then tap color and wifi again until wifi blinks. WiFi never blinks. I’m unsure otherwise how to enter my new wifi information 😞 



Just a quick addition - when I try to reset the wifi, the printer ends up printing out the “network configuration page” but won’t let me reset 


Tap this link from a computer: 

It will uninstall and re-install the Canon Software and walk you through connecting the printer to your WiFi.

You can also find helpful information on the following pages:

Thank you - I went thru these steps on my computer. The issue seems to be when I tap wifi, color, wifi - the wifi button does not blink again and it cannot be identified by the network. It simply wants to print out a network configuration page. So - it’s the step of having the printer make itself available to be seen that’s the issue. 

You have to hold the WiFi button down until it starts blinking (think of it like pairing Bluetooth headphones - it might take 10-20 seconds for it to start flashing)

Once it's flashing, then press the Color button (green diamond), then the WiFi button again (you're not holding this time, just tap, tap)

You should see a solid green light, and a blinking blue light.

At that point, run the software from the setup link I gave you above (not from the Canon USA Support Site).

It should be able to see your printer unless your new WiFi only broadcasts in 5GHz. The printer can only see 2.4GHz. 


So when I hit wifi until the start button blinks, it only wants to print the network confirmation pages and hitting the color button and wifi again don’t do anything 😞 

Welp. I guess you'll want to get in touch with support so they can walk you through troubleshooting and/or next steps. You'll find all your options within y our My Canon Account at