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PIXMA G6020 AirPrint problems after router upgrade


I have had my Pixma G6020 for a while and haven’t ever had a problem printing with AirPrint from an Apple device or via wifi from a Windows 10/11 pc. However, I recently upgraded my 10 yr old Asus wifi router with a new TP-Link Deco XE75 mesh router system with 2 units. I have had AirPrint problems ever since. I can print from the pc without any issues, however, I have had constant problems getting the Canon print iOS app to find and connect or to stay connected to my printer with any of my Apple devices. I had been able to eventually get the AirPrint to work but I would need to repeat the setup again the next day. Now I can’t get the printer to connect ever. I eventually plugged my old ASUS router into a port on the Deco and connected the printer to the ASUS router’s wifi and it connects easily and stays connected. Help!

I suspect something about the TP-Link’s SSID’s are causing the problem. TP-Link has identical names for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz SSID’s. ASUS had different names for each SSID.



Having similar issues with both my Canon G6020 and Pro-100 printers on my Unifi network.  AirPrint not seeing either printer.  When I attempt to ping the printers, getting timeouts and packet loss.  Pinging other devices on the same network and access point works without issue.

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