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Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 / Compatibility with Print Studio Pro and Print & Layout


New Mac OS today. Any thoughts? 

Wonder if Print Studio Pro / Print & Layout plugins will run properly....?



Canon just released Print Studio Pro 1.3.8 dated 9/16/23 and it works fine.  Thanks Canon IT for a quick fix as print jobs were piling up.

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Make A Time Machine back up of your current install.  Then you can try or test Sonoma.  

Time Machine is free.  If it doesn't work out, you can roll back.


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I am using PP&L with a Pixma Pro 200   
After upgrading to Sonoma 14.0  I get this error when I try to print a second page
CNPPLAPP quite unexpectedly and PP&L quits unexpectedly.  I have to force quit the PP&L print manager and re-start everything.  

After a lengthy chat with Canon support this afternoon I have no solution.  They suggested I delete and re-install PP&L.  I would lose all my custom layouts which would be a major loss and there is no reassurance that the re-install would fix the problem.  They also suggested that I export my print jobs to JPG and use Easy Photo Print Editor.  I took a look at this possible solution.  I don't see an export function anywhere in PP&L.  EasyPhoto Print Editor won't do what I am trying to do.

So, right now, I don't have a solution.  

I may roll my OS upgrade back so I can get some work done.

Same issue here. Works fine for first print then quits on the second print.

found that if you close PP&L between prints it works OK (plug-in from Lightroom), returns you to LR then re-launch PP&L. Alternatively, if you run the plug-in installer from Apps in Finder, this also works for the second print.

annoying that you can’t print the same image twice with different settings without having to exit and re-launch though! Worked fine in Ventura.

Also, delete and re-install does not fix the problem.

Right, but keep in mind that when you revert to a previous version of the OS, even using Time Machine, it will wipe your drive and reinstall the OS.  Any changes, editions, deletions to document or image files, etc made after the upgrade will be lost.  It has been two weeks since I upgraded so I am preparing to roll back to Ventura but first I am copying all my spreadsheets, images, etc onto a flash drive so I can put them back on later.  I expect that any customizations to the OS, for example screen savers and desktop, will be lost.  There will no doubt be some things that will be missed and I will be correcting and fixing things for weeks . . . 

After looking into rolling back to Ventura I have decided not to do it.  Not only would I lose changes to obvious files like spreadsheets and images on my hard drive, but also updates to Adobe Lightroom, one of the messaging apps and data for other apps that I am unable to easily identify.  Software updates will also be lost or scrambled.  Rolling back would cause too much havoc.  I have one big show a year and now I have only 50% of the inventory I need for it.  I have already purchased the paper and ink and packaging and have been confirmed in the show.  Instead of my big money maker for the year, I am going to take a big loss unless Canon gets an upgrade out for PP&L soon.


My early feedback is “don’t do it”

having issues with print and layout manager as well as accounting manager.  Looks like updates will be needed from canon. 


I dit it! 
At first all sort of problems.... Reinstalled all drivers, PSP, PPL, using the last ones I could find.
Now the printers are working. From time to time I got that "not enough memory" message.... Anoying but restarting Ps and Lr do the trick.

This is what I don't get.  Wait of the OS upgrade then fix the code.  Apple:  Meet Canon.  Canon: Meet Apple.  Now get together and fix this.

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