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MX922 loses wireless connection


I have modified my original message after talking to Linksys (Router) support and Canon support.


My OS on my computer is Vista 64-bit.  My Router is Cisco Linksys E4200.  I have one desktop computer, the printer, 2 iphones and 1 iPad.  Seems to lose connection when printer goes into sleep mode.  Rebooting the printer (OR rebooting the router) reestablishes the connection temporarily , usually  for 6-9 minutes, it has stayed connect longer, but it always goes offline.  I currently have the computer connected with a USB cable, but would like to use it wireless.  To print from the iPad or iPhones you have to reboot the router or printer, then print.  I have been told by Canon that it is a router setting, and I have just spoken to Linksys support today and they say it is the printer going to sleep that causes the loss of connection so the solution is not to change the router settings.  Seems to me, there should be some way to turn off the 'sleep mode' feature on the printer (Canon support says there is no option to turn it off).  That would solve the problem.  Does anyone have a slotuion, apparently neither Canon or Linksys do.  Thanks, Guy   


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello guymartin2.


Additional troubleshooting will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issue.  Please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance.

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Wireless printing ceased function  (printer unavailable) suddenly for no apparent reason after many months  of good functionality. No changes were made to the network. Now, all attempts to restore function have failed. I have spent several hours following all steps in a variety of articles. The printer is connected to the network but is unusable from any device. There is no reason this should be so complicated or difficult. I will avoid Canon printers in the future.

Hi, pmlucas!

So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know exactly which operating systems are running on your devices. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, our US-based technical support team is standing by, ready to help 24/7 via Email at or by phone at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) weekdays between 10 AM and 10 PM ET (7 AM to 7 PM PT).

Thanks and have a great day!

I have this same problem. After a longish period without printing (a day or so), the printer goes offline and the only way to find it is to turn it off and then back on.


I find that my Windows 8.1 Lenovo laptop and my Android phone cannot find the printer until I have cycled the power on the printer.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ryan Kane


   I had the same problem after talking to Canon they told me to disable the Ipv6 Ip.

Go to settings and disable the ipv6 and should solve the problem. Ipv6 was interfering with the ip and wouldn't allow the printer to keep an Ip.

                     good Luck


I have done exactly as recomended. Will see if it works

I went in and saw firewall setting of ipV6 and turned it to off and now my printer is communicating just fine to my IPAD and the airprint functionality.  My router provider says that this will open me up to security issues once my area goes live for ipV6.  Should I have changed this function or went in to DHCPv6 and unclicked the enabled box there and left the firewall alone?  I am pretty good with computers but all this is a little above my capability.

My MX922 had exactly the same problem; it dropped its connection to the router in 5-10 minutes and the only way to reestablish the connection was to power the MX922 down and power it up.  I was using a DLink DI-825 router.  I tried all of the cures described on the web and on this forum - static IP addresses, disabling ip6 addresses etc. nothing worked.  I gave up and just powered  the printer off and back on every time I planned to use it.  


I recently replaced the router with a with a Netgear Nighthawk R7000.  The problem of the MX922 dropping its wi-fi connection disappeared completely.   I haven't had to power it off and on since the day I started using the new router.


For the record everyone in my household connects using Windows 7 or 8,1 and Android 4.2 and 5.0.

All of my connection problems...every single one...went away when I upgrade my router. That's it. No settings changes on the printer or computer made any difference. Finally, I thought I'd bite the bullet and get rid of the $50 router I had and get a $200 Nighthawk. Boom - immediately all the issues were gone. I barely even think about it any more. Now, when I want to print something, the printer shows as active and I send my kids in to get the printout (usually it is something for their school). Perfect.

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