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MX922 keeps disconnecting


My router is Apple's AirPort Time Capsule.  My MX922 is connected to my LAN over my wireless network.  Until last week, everything worked as expected.  Last week I created an open (no password protection) guest wireless network.  Since then the printer keeps disconnecting from the network and I find I need to restart, or sometimes, reconnect the printer to my primary (password protected) network if the printer has been idle for a short period of time.  The behaviour is consistant with the printer going to sleep and in the process defaulting to my open guest network, vs the password protected network that I have configured it to be part of.


While there are several threads about MX922 disconnecting from a wireless network, I have not found any that talk about this issue happening when an open network is created.


Any thoughts?





I doubt it's related to creating an open network. Cannon's in general seem to have an issue where they just plain stop listening to the network even though they say they are connected. You should be able to verify if it is falling back on the open network by connecting up to the open side and trying to access the printers network interface or airprint. That would be a quick way of determining if it's the same issue everyone else is reporting or if creating a new network is also an issue.


i have a MX922 and am using Windows 10 now.  My problem with timing out startesd about four months ago when I was using Windows 8.1.  I just did more troubleshooting trying tto narrow the problem down.  I accessed the menu and chaged the timeout setings in the WSD screen to 20 minutes. I also changed the PCIBridge setting timeout to never.  There is a problem with the script for the timeout settings in the software that controls the printer, and canon need to address it and fix it.  The only thing we can do is install the drivers they give us.  The issue is with the print driver, the timeout script is either faulty or wrong.  



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There is a simple fix for this. I found the problem occurs because the printer forgets its ip address and must get a new one from the router, which in some cases may be sluggish responding. First go to the router and tell it to use a static address for the printer. Then log onto the printers webpage once you know its local ip address. Click on advanced and then click on network settings. In the use IPv4 settings click on "use the following IPv4 address" which should be its address. When I do that the printer responds promptly everytime. Until then I had various timeouts and failures.