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MX922 goes to sleep and loses WiFi connection


I have a new MX922 that replaced a dead MX870. The old MX870 worked fine until it died but this new MX922 doesn't work correctly on my WiFi network. And the only thing that's changed is the printer (all the other PCs and printers and the Wifi router are the same as before and still work just fine). The new MX922 goes to sleep and can't be woken up from any PC on my network (to print or scan). The old MX870 NEVER had a problem on this WiFI network and NEVER had a problem with sleep mode. I also still have two MX890s that still work just fine. When the MX922 stops responding to pings, the blue WiFi logo on the front is on, and the Network Configuration Page always says "Connection Active" (but it's not).  Any suggestions that it's my router or my PC driver's fault is nonsense. It's clearly a MX922 WiFi bug which Canon needs to fix ASAP.


Over the past few weeks I've discovered that if the printer goes to sleep for an extended period it frequently "loses" it's WiFi connection and nothing I do from my PC will let me print to or scan from it. Basically it stops responding to pings (which tells me that its WiFi network connection is the issue). I usually discover the printer is offline line first thing Monday AM (after the office has been closed all weekend).


When the MX922 goes into a coma the only way I've found to wake it up is to either power-cycle it, or do go into the Device Settings menu and print out the current Network Configuration Page (it sometimes starts printing/scanning again when I exit out of the menus). AND sometimes after waking it up via the menu trick it operates very very slowly (like the Wifi connection is poor or congested) and I end up having to power cycle it to fix it. I shouldn't ever have to power cycle the printer just to wake it up (especially since it probably uses up some ink to recharge the print head each time it powers on).


Since I got it about 6 weeks ago, this printer has gone into a coma about once a week. Recently I tried disabling the Wireless DRX option and that seems to have made it worse. Since I disabled that option, It's gone into a coma 3 times in the past two days.






First thing I did when I bought this printer is assigned a static IP to it.  I always have to turn the printer off and then on again after I send a job to it if it's been idle more that a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to dumping this sorry printer in the near future.  

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Did you set your static IP address above the dynamic addresses, so that your printer address would never be assigned to another device if you turn your printer off or it goes to sleep.  When I set my static ip address above the dynamic addresses, in fact, I set it to the second to last address in the range, I have NEVER had a problem since, for years now.  I hope this helps

Thanks spirestocks.  I went through a bit of work to get it wired, and I'm tired of working on this - so many hours over many months.  I may try your suggestion after I've had some quality time without thinking or working on this. That aside, I believe my router is assigning the addresses, and I set my static well above what I believe the dynamic range should be given my number of devices.  If the router is not releasing the IPs when a device disconnects for a long period of time, then I could see how this could come into play.  My guess is that's OK - but could be wrong,  Thanks for your suggestion.  

I just checked my router and dynamic IP addresses start at 10 and go up to 255.  1 is reserved for the router of course, so perhaps if if I choose something 2-9 for static, that would do it.  I'll try that in 6 months afer I've lost my battle fatigue....

We just switched from Spectrum (TWC) to Google Fiber.  All I did was connect the MX922 to the new WiFi network and everything works perfectly!  Printer wakes up from a 2 day sleep and performs like it did when it was first new.


I will report if we start seeing the perma-sleep problem again but right now I'm just super thankful that I don't have to power cycle the printer everytime I need to print.



If you search on mx922 will not connect to Airport Express on 12/11/16 answer is given on 12/13/16 with most likely issue that Airport Express does not have WPS button on Router. The answer on 12/13 steps through standard setup which also can be found for windows or Mac on YouTube Now, just type in MX 922 on Youtube and it has the steps to setup standard setup via downloading latest software for MX 922

This same problem is happening with the mx490. I have requested a software update to fix the issue, but I highly doubt that will ever happen. Most likely, I won't get a reply to my concern. Did anyone else get a legitimate reply with a solution? The only solution I can find is to buy a different brand because this WiFi disconnection issue looks to be a Canon-wide issue. And it's a huge problem in my opinion. What's the point of cloud based printing and a WiFi printer is you have to be in the same room with the printer? Every time I print and let minutes lapse between print jobs, I have to re-enter my WiFi password. It's frustrating and ridiculous! If I realized much sooner that it wasn't just me and my WiFi, I would have returned this junk and never looked back! SHAME ON YOU, CANON!



I found that this forum is not the best way to get help from Canon; calling their Tech Support line is much better.  After much experimentation I found that the only way I could get this thing to consistently work was setting up a static IP address for the printer.  This is not very straightforward, but with the combination of their Tech Support person and some info I found online I was able to get that done in a couple of days.... It requires being able to look at your router dynamic IP address range and some other estoteric stuff which consumers should not even have to think about.  Once I did that, I've not had a single problem with that.  However the printer is still a POS - after being idle for a while it can take up to a minute to print the first page of a print job.  Really? 


So, I agree with everyone else that these printers are never going to work the way every other printer in the world works, so replacement is the best option.  Fortunately this printer was pretty inexpensive so replacing it won't be a budget killer.  It does piss me off though that they continue to sell printers like this (they discontinued this one), and don't admit to a problem even though probably thousands of people have complained.  Never going to buy a Canon again for sure.  Back to HP....

That makes some sense. A few days ago I bought an HP Laserjet and configured it for wireless. Same EXACT problem. I began to suspect my Mac. But maybe it’s never been the printer; it's the routers. Thanks Seratonin.

Did you set the ip address about the dynamic address range? I have never had a problem after doing this and it has been years.


Right! No other device in my network has the same problem. I have tried with static IP in the router and the printer, with no positive result. And if I try to ping  some devices in my network, everyone answers, exept my mg6250.