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MX452 Suddenly Stop Working Through Wireless Use


I've been having this printer for almost a year now; only using it wirelessly, paired up with both my Macbook Pro and iPhone5 and never experianced any problems. But suddenly now it won't print anything from my computer nor my iPhone. My computer detects the printer, but seems the two aren't communicating with one another. After every print command sent to the printer, it comes back with an error code number 300 (not connected properly message). On my iPhone, the printer is not detected (found) at all. 


I've re-entered my wireless network info, I have even 'resetted' the printer itself and re-setup every thing. The printer shows that it is connected to my wifi with a signal strength around 89%, and both my computer and iPhone are connected to the same network. So I don't whats wrong and what to do to get it working again. 


Now I did try the copy feature, it scan and copied the paper as it should. As well as printed out the network sheet, etc., through the printer itself. It just wont print stuff from my computer or iPhone like it done before. 


As of the moment, the printer is out of color ink (...but I'm not any colored documents), and no updates or what-have-you haven't been done to either the printer, my computer, or my iPhone.


Exactly the same problem with my MG8270. Initially it was just my wife's MacBook Pro and iPad that didn't pick up the printer. Now it's my Macbook pro, iPad and iPhone 6 too!! It's driving me NUTS!! Have tried everything Apple have suggested. It prints normally when connected via USB. It was all working normally until about 6 weeks ago . I have also tried all the troubleshooting advice from the canon website. This is NOT an uncommon problem!!! Lots of forums on the web talking about it. It's my wife's printer. I wanted to buy a HP :-(. Anything you can do to alleviate my frustration would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks.


Hi SHerbert73,


You will want to ensure that the Bonjour setting on the printer is enabled. If the setting is disabled, you will not be able to print via Apple AirPrint. To ensure the setting is enabled, please follow these steps:


1. Press the SETUP button on the printer (looks like a pair of pliers and a screwdriver).


2. Use the left/right arrows to select DEVICE SETTINGS, then press the OK button.


3. Use the left/right arrows to select LAN SETTINGS, then press the OK button.


4. Use the left/right arrows to select OTHER SETTINGS, then press the OK button.


5. Use the left/right arrows to select BONJOUR SETTINGS, then press the OK button.


6. Use the left/right arrows to select ENABLE/DISABLE BONJOUR, then press the OK button.


7. Use the left/right arrows to select ACTIVE, then press the OK button. The printer will enable the setting.


8. Press the COPY button to return to the main menu.


If you still have difficutly after performing the steps above, please call or email us using one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.

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