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MP Navigator X and macOS Mojave


My father has a canon scanner Lide 110 that uses MP Navigator X.

That software does not longer work with macOS Mojave, it wont even start. That sucks.

Does anyone know of a good scanning software that works with Lide 110?

Preferably software that detects multiple photos and saves them individually as jpegs.




Here's something you can try..


Keep your MP Navigator 3.1 installed (for now)


Install the MP Navigator 4 from the link canon asia link above


go to Applications/Canon Utilities


Right click on MP Navigator 4 and select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to Contents > Plugins > Database

You will see a bunch of .plist files -- these correspond to the scanners that the asia 4.0 version of the app supports


Right click on MP Navigator 3.1 and select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to Contents > Plugins > Database

You will see a bunch of .plist files -- these correspond to the scanners that the us 3.1 version of the app supports


Copy the files from the 3.1 database folder to the 4.0 database folder


Now when you start MP Naviagor 4 it will launch correctly and find your scanner.


I have not analyzed the contents of these plist files so I'm not 100% sure if this will work, but the contents of the files in the 3.1 version look pretty similar to the ones provided in the 4.0 version.

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I have spent an enormous amount of time scouring sites and comment boards to find a solution to this problem with no success. I have called Canon and they refuse to even provide a human to discuss support. They have simply left their customers out in the cold. Seriously......UPDATE YOUR **bleep** PRODUCTS. At this time I have a large brick sitting on my desk with absolutely no viable solution. The least they couldve done is warn their customers. So, im forced to trash the unit and purchase a new one from a more reliable and dependable manufactuer. Thanks for nothing Canon.

Here is how I scan using the Mac with my MX870: 1) In System Preferences, click on "Printers and Scanners". 2) In the pop-up, on the left-hand side of the window, click on the -scanner-, not printer, below the "Scanners" title, and click on "Open Scanner" 3) A rudimentary window will pop up, not as nice as the Canon tools usually are, but it is serviceable and it will return scans to your desktop as before. It is disappointing to not have the excellent Canon tools that worked before. Perhaps macOS will get shiny new utilities soon.

No pop up on left side of window using MG8220.

The above answer, using System Preferences, click on "Printers and Scanners", worked for my MX320.  It's too bad that Canon doesn't support their printers for very long, but at least using the Apple utilities I don't have to totally junk it yet.  I had tried newer versions of MP Navigator, but they would not support my older model.

Hey thanks a lot jet-silver! That worked to get the job done.

Did you ever find software that works with Mojave?

I purchased Vuescan which appears to work well with Mojave. With Canon, it is always a day late and a dollar short.

Vuescan is the only solution I have found.


I have MP Navigator 5.1 installed on my Macbook Pro 2017. I just upgraded to Mojave. The application no longer will appear on my desktop when I try to start it. I don't believe there is a new version of the application and I have verfified that all drivers have been installed. Is there a way I can get the application to work? 


I have Pixma MP432 printer


I tried IJ Scan Utility Lite and it worked. I liked MP Navigator better because of the interface. Are there other options that have a better interface?


Thank you,




The MX432 is not compatible with the Mojave operating system.  For details about what versions of Mac OSX the printer can be used with, visit the following link:


Mac OS X Compatibility


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