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MG5600 slow and dropping connection after print


I bought my MG5600 a few months ago and set it up wirelessly and it was working fine. Then I didn't print for a couple of months and now it is misbehaving badly.


WHEN I can get it to print, it is very, very slow. It spends 2-10 seconds between individual head passes - perhaps like it isn't getting the data quickly enough.


Once it finishes printing the page, it goes idle and my Mac says the printer is no longer communicating. The printer web interface says it is ready to print.


I can usually bring it back to life by turning off and on again but it stops after one print EVERY time now.


It has just installed an updated firmware so that's at the latest version – it was behaving this way before and after the update.


I've tried entering the location field via web interface and have since cycled the printer off then on and it is still misbehaving.


Nothing has changed in my LAN setup since the printer was set up and the printer reports 78% signal strength.


I've typed this entire post while it was printing one A4 page.


What on earth is going on?



Turns out it's just REALLY slow. I left several jobs on the queue and went to bed and for the next hour or more I could hear the occasional noise from the printer. It printed a total of 8 pages in that time.


An iPhone in the same room at the same time gets enough wifi bandwidth to saturate my VDSL connection, so it's not the wifi.