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MG3620, Trying to connect printer to Wi-Fi to print from iPhone.


Maybe you could help me as well. My Canon Mg3620 won’t connect. I tried registering it again, like I have in the past.. but when I get to the part that says to select my canon model, no MG Models are listed. There’s something on that page that says If your model isn’t showing up make sure you’re under your correct country.. which Iam. I feel like the issue is something to do with my iPhone but not sure what.. as I never had this issue w/ my Samsung phone. I don’t have a computer or anything else to try on. Please help 



If your printer model isn't listed on the registration page while trying to connect it to Wi-Fi for iPhone printing, consider the following steps. Check if your printer supports AirPrint, update its firmware, and confirm both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Explore the manufacturer's app or contact their support for guidance. Additionally, look into third-party apps on the App Store that might provide compatibility with your printer model. Consult your printer's documentation for specific wireless setup instructions and compatibility details. This should help troubleshoot and resolve any issues you're facing.


Greetings vitameagan2017,

Tell us more about your wireless network please.  The printer has a 2.4Ghz radio and can only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast using WPA2 / AES encryption.  If your network is dual band and using the same SSID name for both 5G and 2.4Ghz networks, this can cause issue.  I am not familiar with all of the features of the MG3620.  I am not sure if it supports wireless direct printing.  

To connect however, the printer does need to be in Wireless Set Up mode,..  This is done by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button until the Wi-Fi light begins flashing.  It is then ready to be associated with a wireless broadcast.

Please provide answers to the above and we can determine the next steps.

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