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MF753Cdw - MF Toolbox will not open


Hi all,

As the subject line indicates, I just installed a new MF753CDW Printer/Scanner on my Mac, which is running the latest version of the OS (Sanoma 14.2.1) with all updates applied. I downloaded the latest printer and scanner drivers from the Canon support page. Happily the printer and scanner are working fine and seem to be successfully integrated into the system. The Canon MF Scan Utility opens and works just fine. However, when I attempt to open the MF Toolbox, I get this error message:

"No available scanner found. Follow the instructions in the User's Guide for the scanner driver to add the scanner's you are using."

The app then idles in the toolbar, without ever actually opening.

I have done my best to search through the massive User's Guide, and I find no relevant information that would apply to this situation. The scanner driver is apparently successfully installed, but the MF Toolbox App can't see it.

Any ideas or solutions? Thanks in advance.




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