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MAXIFY MB2700 Series - Setting Scan Destination Folder with Folder Setting Utility


I'm using a Canon MB2700 Series, and i want to put a destionation folder for scan, but isn't working!! look at print and help me. translating is: Folder connection failed. Check the settings.image.png



I have this same problem.  The windows machine can easily map the network drive/location, but the Canon software can't.  That is kinda silly.  Perhaps because it has spaces?  My mapping is like this:

\\\GoFlex Home Backup\ColorCanon

I actually use the browse button and it finds it easily.   I KNOW its not a typo, its exactly the same for the mapping to S:/ that I use.  The user name and password are the same on the destination machine as they are on the local machine.  As I said the windows mapping has no problem, only the silly quick utility tool seems to have an issue with it.  Is there some OTHER way I can put this in as my destination?

Full disclosure - small shop, we use only linux.  The destination is a network drive using type 1 mounts, which I enabled on the window 10 machine that I had to BORROW to set this up.   Every single other thing about the printer was flawless, it works very well, I just really need to scan and have it put the pdf files to a consistent network location.  The laser brother printers I have here have no trouble and set up easily, directly from the printer itself.  Very annoying.