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Is ManuView.exe a Legitimate Canon Product?


I was wondering if anyone could verify that the software "ManuView.exe" is a legitimate canon product? AV alerts on it being a trojan and canon doesnt have the most user friendly search function for its past software.

Install location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon Electronics\Manual\Canon DR-C225 II\ManuView.exe
Software Name: ManuView.exe
Software Hash: 1b74c7fc3f18b8b5631b3e204987139e



Its likely a false positive.  Based on the information you provided, I'd bet it is legit, and used to display the product manual for your DR-C225.  You might be able to uninstall it.

The manual for your product is also available online here:

DR-C225/DR-C225W User Manual (  

***Edit.  Confirmed, its Software included from Canon.  

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***Edit. Where did you confirm the software is indeed from and supported by the manufacture? 


Understood, however all I get are "likely" or 3rd party answers. In the realm of Cyber Security and ensuring proper installation of products, You would think canon would have some way of verifying hashes or a historic product search of some sort. That's why I put the hash in the original post. There are other vendors that allow for signature verification and hash matching. This would be a prudent practice to adopt with such a high level and focus on security today.