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Initial impressions of Canon MF733Cdw is it just doesn't work reliably - is it just me?


This Printer on paper ticks ALL the boxes for a home office. AND, it's on sale for $200+ off at major retailers. I had been considering an HP MF477FDW, but this Canon was newer, cheaper, AND it scans at 600dpi from the ADF (the HP only does 300DPI from the ADF).


Unfortunately, it just doesn't work reliably. Note that the FIRST thing I did was update to the latest firmware. It's on a WiFi network connected via an Orbi router. It's one room away from the main router and reports good signal strength, but then mysteriously disconnects after a day or two and refuses to reconnect unless I run through the WiFi setup process again. (Done this half a dozen times at least so far.)


Even when it's connected to WiFi, I frequently get mysterious and inscrutable error messages such as "Error Code: 2100009" when I try to scan something. The documentation is abysmal, and few people seem to have purchased this exact model as I get very few hits when I search for results.


I'm using macOS; it's possible that the printer might be a little more reliable on Windows (not counting the WiFi disconnection issues.) I plan to contact Canon support, but seriously wondering whether I've made a huge mistake and whether I might need to try and replace this device.


Any other experiences with this MFP? I'm hoping there are some lesser-known advanced configuration options that I can tweak which might help make it more reliable.




With certainty, the 1st change I would make is reserving an IP for the printer by its MAC address on the Orbi.   


The screenshots in this post are from my R8000P.  I have an Orbi System as well, RBK50 and the screens look the same.


Re: Printer Connected to Network But Doesn't Show ... - Canon Community


After this is done, delete the printer from your MAC, and re-add it as an IP printer.


Use images and comments from my posts here as reference:


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