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Initial impressions of Canon MF733Cdw is it just doesn't work reliably - is it just me?

Hello everyone,,

This printer on paper ticks ALL the boxes for a home office. AND, it's on sale for $200+ off at major retailers. I had been considering an HP MF477FDW, but this Canon was newer, cheaper, AND it scans at 600dpi from the ADF (the HP only does 300DPI from the ADF).

Unfortunately, it just doesn't work reliably. Note that the FIRST thing I did was update to the latest firmware. It's on a WiFi network connected via an Orbi router. It's one room away from the main router and reports good signal strength, but then mysteriously disconnects after a day or two and refuses to reconnect unless I run through the WiFi setup process again. (Done this half a dozen times at least so far.)

Even when it's connected to WiFi, I frequently get mysterious and inscrutable error messages such as "Error Code: 2100009" when I try to scan something. The documentation is abysmal, and few people seem to have purchased this exact model as I get very few hits when I search for results.

I'm using macOS; it's possible that the printer might be a little more reliable on Windows (not counting the WiFi disconnection issues.) I plan to contact Canon support, but seriously wondering whether I've made a huge mistake and whether I might need to try and replace this device.

Any other experiences with this MFP? I'm hoping there are some lesser-known advanced configuration options that I can tweak which might help make it more reliable.

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Re: Initial impressions of Canon MF733Cdw is it just doesn't work reliably - is it just me?

Hi Devabhai


Which version of Mac OS is running on the computer?  If you're on OS 10.15, you will need the most up to date printer drivers from our website:


The MF733Cdw is capable of WiFi only on a standard 2.4 GHz connection.  If your computer is connecting on a 5 GHz connection, then the router may prevent the printer and computer from talking until the computer is set or switches to the 2.4 GHz connection.


If the printer is itself being dropped from the network, and no longer has an IP address when this problem happens, then Orbi router is itself removing the printer's presence.  In this type of situation, refer to the router's manufacturer to disable the setting that is causing the network to drop or time-out connected devices that don't communicate.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).


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Re: Initial impressions of Canon MF733Cdw is it just doesn't work reliably - is it just me?

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I agree with Darius regarding his recommendation about using the latest driver for your printer. It will minimize any issues with a newer OS.


I have some experience with Netgear products, and post on their support community.  I own an Orbi System RBR50 / RBS50.  I also have a R7000, R8000P, EX7000 and R6400 (Varius locations).


Orbi's use SMART Connect by default.  There is no separation between the 2.4 / 5Ghz bands (or wired) network unless you are using a Guest Network and have isolation enabled.  This is not on by default and must be done deliberately.  This means all devices wired or wireless, and regardless of the band a device connects on (2.4 or 5Ghz) can "see" or communicate with one another.


Another "feature" of Orbi is its automatic FW updates, which sadly is horrible from a reliability standpoint since it removes your ability to control your network. In addtion, Netgear products are not known to be overly robust of late.  Stable operation has been largely unreliable due to poor FW development the past few years.   (This is not a story for the Canon forums).


Anyway, I wouldn't rely on my router to keep my printer connected reliably without taking some additionl steps.  You'll want to start with assigning the printer a static IP.  This can be done easily in the Routers Admin portal.  Note: please do not use (Genie, Orbi, or the NightHawk Apps)  Click the Advanced tab > then Set Up (nav pane) > then LAN Setup.  At the bottom of the page you will see Address Reservations.  With your printer connected, press the add buttton.  When the page refreshes, all devices currently connected to your router will appear.  Select the radio button for the printer and press apply.  The printer now has a static IP.  This will ensure the printer always gets the same IP,regardless of how often or when its used. Note the address that was assigned.   


Next step.  On your Mac > Apple menu > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.


Remove the printer using the "-" (minus) button.  Now press the (add) button "+".  New dialog opens, select IP, near the top of the dialog (its in the middle)  Type the IP address of your printer in the top field.  The IP will automatically populate in the name field below.  Instead of the prepopulated IP, type a friendly name for your printer.  "MF733Cdw" is good  You can leave the other fields as defaults.  The Add Printer wizard should find the correct driver.  What you've done.  Given the printer an IP that will never change.


The Orbi will always give this IP to your canon printer, and never to another device, even if you turned it off for a year.


On the MAC, you have identified the printer at a static or "destination IP".  There will be no guessing, the OS can always "find" the printer.


Best part.  You only have to do this once.  Truely set and forget.  Performing these steps should put you in control of your device and network. 


Final thoughts on automatic FW updates (Orbi).  Having the latest FW isn't always best and sometimes being one or more versions behind can actually improve the performance and reliability of your network.  Do not be afraid to downgrade your FW (this is completely safe and acceptable).  This has to be done manually.  Always update the sattelites first before updating the main router.  Hopefully these comments will help restore the faith in your purchase.


Happy Holidays, Good Luck 



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