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I have an older Canon printer .....a MP620B


My Canon MP620 B printer has has lost its WiFi connection with our laptop.  We've recently had a Windows upgrade & believe this to be the issue.  We've tried all the reboots Etc and getting no where, does anyone have a suggestion ?  Our printing message is that it is in error state as well.  Thanks.   PJ




On the PC:

If there are any orphned print jobs stuck in the print queue, please remove or delete them.

Stopping/Restarting the Print Spooler Service will accomplish the same thing.


On the printer:

Now power cycle the printer and reconnect it to your wireless router. 



Return to the computer and open Device and Printers.  Does the printer now show "Ready"?

Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick & sorry for the delay getting back.


    I tried all your good suggestions, yet came up short.  I ended up calling Canon Support & they sent a link.  I believe my issue was that I just upgraded a new version of Word & that became troublesome with my printer.  All is a go now, the support staff was nice & patient with me as they walked me through the process.   Again thank you for taking the time to give a hand on this Rick ........very good advice !!!!!    

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