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I can ping my Pixma MG6120 but I get "The printer cannot be detected on the network"


Hi, I'm an IT professional who can't get my printer set up on my home computer.


I can ping from my machine to the printer's IPv4 address on my home network, but when I run the Canon setup utility I get 


The printer cannot be detected on the network.

If the printer's network setup has not been completed, complete the network setup and then click Redetect.

To learn how to set up the network, click Help.


I can print from every other computer, mobile device, and phone in my house, but not this computer.


I know I have the network set up correctly, because I am verifying my Wireless LAN information on the printer and on the back-end of my router configuration.  I can connect to the printer's management interface by navigating directly to its DHCP-assigned IPv4 address on my home network.  


I have turned off my antivirus / firewall, restarted the printer, restarted the router, and restarted the PC.  I know that there is a connection because I have end-to-end connectivity by tracert and ping, yet the Canon MG6120 setup utility tells me on ly that the printer cannot be detected on the network.  


I am running Windows 10 64-bit with Norton 360 and Ubiquiti UniFi networking gear.  Whether Norton's firewall/antivirus is running or not makes no difference... can ping but can't connect using the Canon utility whether Norton is running or not.  Every other device in my house can print to my Pixma MG6120 except for this one.


What am I doing wrong?





Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi heathercollins,


Since you can print from multiple other devices, I would say there is something on that one computer that is not allowing the computer to correctly detect the printer. I recommend contacting Microsoft to have the troubleshoot the computer to see what is causing the printer to not be detected.