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How to connect to a network via USB method if I have already connect to a home network via WIFI?


Hello, i recently bought a MG3650 pinter and successfully connected to my home internet (via WPS on router). No i am living on college campus and it seems I must connect to wireless via USB method (becuase I can`t access the WPS on router here). However when I go to do that it says I must first disconnect from my other connection (my home) before I can proceed. Question is, how do I do that from college?



Let's get the scenario cleared up.  I'm sure I've gotten something wrong. 


1.  You have a printer connected wirelessly to your "home" LAN, through a wireless router, or access point.

2.  You have successfully printed on your "home internet".  From where?  At home?

3.  You're living on a college campus, but you must "connect to wireless via USB method"?  What's that?

4.  You're looking to print on your home printer from where you're living on a college campus.


On Line 3, you're either "wireless" or not.  Connecting via USB is not "wireless" unless you're using some sort of wireless network card in your USB port.  Which doesn't make sense to me, if you already  have a wireless enabled tablet, laptop, of PC. 


Finally, what type of OS are you running at home?  What type of OS are you running on your device at college?  It is highly likely that your college connection is operating in a limited mode, only giving you internet access, and operating as a stand-alone device, not connected to any network.  There are various names for this mode of wireless operation:  Airport Mode, Public Network, etc.

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