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Have a MG3620 printer - have moved and have new wifi setup - how to connect to new wifi?


Have spent a lot of time trying to connect my printer to a new (different) wifi.   I know it’s probably easy but I keep going in circles with the new setup.  I have canon print on my iPad but can’t find anything there that helps.  Go through new setup - can’t get there.  HELP




As long as the new router is broadcasting a 2.4Ghz network supporting WPA2 encryption, you should be able to re-establish connectivity by running the set up / installation software again. This is what allows you to change the SSID name and password.  

The part that is usually missed is putting the printer into Wireless SetUp mode.

Visit this page:

Canon Support for PIXMA MG3620 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

See Wireless Help > Wireless Set Up and choose Windows, MAC or iOS depending on your device. 

Using a computer is the easiest method.  

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Rick - thanks for this info.  My available wireless services are not a problem.  When I try to get into a set-up screen, it always directs me to Canonprint which I already have from when I initially set it up and connected to a WI-FI I don’t use nw.  There is nothing that comes up in Canonprint that leads to any setup screen or ways to change wifi settings.  I’ve even downloaded a new canonprint and this doesn’t help.  I can get the first few steps easily - to get the blinking light on the wifi button, but can never get to the pages from there to do the wireless setup.  It’s a cycle I’ve been through no less that 20 times - my frustration level is about maxed out.  Unfortunately my 11 year old granddaughter isn’t here to help.  I’m pretty sure at this point I need to find someone to come and do this for me.  It was so easy the first time.  I appreciate your attempt.  Bev

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