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Chromebook compatible printers


I have a Canon Pixma MG3022 printer.  Is it compatible with a Samsung Chromebook?  I haven't been able to figure out how to connect it to my Chromebook.   I do have a USB cable.  Help!  I am told that Google Cloud Print will end in Dec. 2020.   What then?




As far as current support goes.  You're good.  MG3000 Series



As far as what to do after Christmas this year.  I'd recommend buying a computer or laptop with a real OS.


Windows 10 Home or Pro

Hardware with intel or AMD processor

Do not buy anything with an ARM processor







Windows or MAC OS.  I use and support both.  I am not a fan of MAC for business use, but people think they're cool and seem to be willing to put up with their nuances. Being cool comes at a premium.You will pay dearly for a MAC and then get to put up with what it will or won't do in business.  If you are an artist, you have nothing to worry about.   


So best long term advice.  Buy a real computer with an OS you won't need to worry about.  Chromebooks are toys with limited value in the educational sector.  They are only capable of running Apps or an extremely small number of Linux based software.  Support for many things is iffy and the likelyhood of serious development slim.  There just insn't enough market share to justify the development expense   Don't limit yourself.         


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