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Canon Print Studio Pro is broken


With my PRO-10, Windows 10, Print Studio as a plug-in from Photoshop using XPS driver. This combo has been working for years, now suddenly has stopped. I can enter all the data in Print Studio, hit Print and everything works great, except nothing is printed. The sheet is blank. I can go to Photoshop's Print function, enter all the same info for the same image, including using the XPS driver, and it works perfectly. I much prefer using Print Studio because of its additional controls, including for monochrome, and what I believe is more accurate soft-proofing than Photoshop's. This has been going on for a number of weeks. Probably a Windows update problem? Would sure like to see a resolution.



I'm now having the same issue with my PRO-100 using the XPS driver. When I try to print using Print Studio Pro, everything seems to work normally except that instead of a photo print, I get nothing but a blank sheet. No error messages, just no print. If I print using Print Studio Pro and the non-XPS driver, the photo is printed, but I prefer to use the XPS driver whenever possible.

If I print using Lightroom Classic's Print tab, I get a print using either the XPS or non-XPS driver, but I strongly prefer to use Print Studio Pro.

The bottom line is that I now get only a blank sheet when I use the combination of Print Studio Pro and the XPS printer driver. A few weeks ago, the combination worked fine, then I didn't try any printing until today. In the meantime, the only relevant thing that has changed is Windows, with the usual few Windows Updates. Same printer drivers, same version of Print Studio Pro, same printer settings. Like the OP, I suspect that something broke after a recent Windows Update, since there have been no other changes. 

There have also been a couple of updates to Creative Cloud components (the usual periodic updates), but I don't see how that would affect using Print Studio Pro.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Any guess as to how to get around it (other than switching to the non-XPS driver)?


In case it makes any difference, my PC is a Dell XPS 8940 tower with 64GB of RAM running Windows 11 Home (Version 22H2 22621.1105). I open Print Studio Pro 2.2.3 from Lightroom Classic 12.1 to print (at least I did when it was working correctly with the XPS driver).