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Canon PIXMA TS3522 WiFi Connection Trouble & No Driver Available


I bought a Canon PIXMA TS3522 Wireless Printer today and have been very much struggling getting a) the setup installed and b) getting the printer to connect to my phone (iPhone 11) and computer (Macbook Pro running OS Big Sur Version 11.2.3). I have provided a screenshot of what happens when I download the drive and attempt to get started with the installation.


CANON Printer ErrorI'm not sure what I have to do to solve this but I have been trying for HOURS trying to get this to work and I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to call (since they don't have the chat option available) but I thought it would be simpler than this. Anyone have any ideas or any related forum posts that could help me solve this?



Been trying for 10 hours. Your printer will NOT set up to the wifi no mater how or what instructions I use!  It really s--ks!!!


If you are looking for assistance, I would recommend starting a new thread.  It should include the model of your printer and the OS (version and build) you plan to use it with.  Other helpful information would include how its connected and to what?  Wireless, USB, etc.  Finally, any other observations, error message or troubleshooting steps you have performed.   I believe its likely that your situation (software and environment) is different than that of a near 2 yr old thread.

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