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Canon MF8350Cdw - can I make it be able to airprint?


There must be some way to make this wireless printer able to be able to airprint. Please help.



Hi hodgy03038.


The imageCLASS MF8350 suffix is Cdn; it is capable of wired network connectivity, but not WiFi.


Airprint drivers and protocols are developed and distributed by Mac OS; for help with Airprint installations, you will need to refer to Apple Support (non-Canon link:


Canon-produced drivers for Mac OS may be found on the MF8350Cdn Drivers & Downloads page.  Once the drivers are installed, add the printer using the Canon-produced drivers.  If the printer does not show up, double-check the printer's and computer's connectivity, and ensure the router is allowing the two devices to communicate.  You may need to register the printer to the computer using the printer's IP Address.


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No sir that is incorrect. It is a CDw and I currently use it wirelessley from my computers. That being said, how can we make it able to use with AIRPRINT???

Hi! Darius is correct that the proper name for this printer is the imageCLASS MF8350Cdn. The "n" stands for "network," which refers to a printer that can work on a wired LAN. Canon USA has not marketed a version of this printer bearing the "Cdw" suffix where the "w" would signify wireless networking capabilities and there is no other supported model in our laser printer lineup with the number "8350" in its name.

We recommend that you double-check your printer's model number as it's possible that you might indeed have a wireless-capable printer but with a different set of numerals in its model number.

Hope this helps!

Sorry, my mistake it is MF8380Cdw.


Can this work with airprint?

Hi hodgy03038.


The MF8380Cdw is not an Airprinter, thus Mac OS generic drivers (Airprint/Bonjour) may not work for it. You will need to use the Canon-produced drivers on Mac OS.


In order for the MF8380Cdw to work across a wireless or wired network connection, it will need to be connected to the same network, and allowed by the router/modem/network-switch to communicate.


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No not really. I can print to all computers but by AIRPRINT I MEAN print from an Iphone or ipad.



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