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Canon MF8230Cn (MF8200 series) issues with MAC OS X

Hi, I just purchased a Canon MF8230Cn and had the devil's own time setting it up on any of the 3 Macs we own. First, the Macs were running Mac OS X v10.6.x and v10.8.x so I don't know if the following will help with any other versions. The printer was connected using a wired connection to the router. Trying the install as per instructions, just didn't work. I got an error message saying that communication with the printer was not possible. So here is how to get around it. 1) The first thing to do is to install the MF Driver toolkit from the Canon Website 2) Once the printer is connected to your router, determine its IP address and if possible define it as static on the router. 3) when you "add printer" from system preferences, use the IP address (IP tab), HP jet direct protocol, and specify the printer driver from the drop down list, labelled "Use" i.e. do NOT use "AirPrint". I would name this as (for example) Canon MFxxx (Print) 4) your printer should now print OK. 5) then go back in to system preferences, and choose the scan tab from the Print&Scan dialogue. In here, click the plus to add a scanner. but this time use the Bonjour item that appears in the available printer list. Choose the correct driver from the list (as above). Name this as (for example) Canon MFxxx (Scan) 6) you should now be able to use Image capture or the MF Toolkit to scan DJM