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PIXMA MG6200-series printer stuck "Waiting"


I have a Canon Pixima MG6200 series printer.

I recently upgraded to a Unifi networking setup.

This printer defaults to connecting to a network via wireless WPS, which of isn't supported by the Unifi, because of security issues or smth I've heard.

That said, it can also connect wirelessly to a normal SSID and wired with ethernet. Initially the wireless just didn't seem to work.

After a fair bit of troubleshooting, I had to make an entirely new WPA2 network instead of my normal WPA2/WPA3 network to get it to work, plus disable 5GHz on this new network and turn off all the fancy settings like fast roaming, BSS transition ect - and it finally connected.

I can now access the printers web interface via it's IP and it shows up on my iPhone.

But when I go to print, every print job gets stuck on 'waiting' and never gets any further.

I have also tested it with an 'open' network, which also didn't work.

I also set it up wired with ethernet. Same results as above. It gets an IP, and I can access it but gets stuck on 'waiting' trying to print.

Any ideas?


A second problem - others in my household use MAC and they can print fine (on the old network) but I've never been able to print on this printer from any Windows machine - I've seen others have this issue as well. Any ideas on this one? (the link in this response has no drivers for windows)

Thanks heaps on advance 🙂




This printer was retired in 2017. That means no new software or drivers are being developed for it, and it's not eligible for support from Canon USA.

We recommend reaching out to the folks at the Canon Upgrade Program at 866-443-8002 during normal business hours to discuss upgrading to a current unit.