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Canon MF741C network troubles


I'm having an issue with a canon MF741C and multiple laptops trying to print from it. When I first took a look at it it had a static IP assigned so I tried using TCP/IP to connect and will work initially(test prints and multiple page prints) but after a sleep cycle or power cycle it fails to print on any device, trying to re-install printer but stops showing on the network. Changed configuration to DHCP re-installed the printer on laptops since it was visible again on the network, got test prints and multi-page prints after sleep cycles and power cycles but once again its failing to print, one windows laptop gets an initial error but eventually will print after some time, mac laptops won't print at all. Sadly I do not have access to the router being used for the WI-FI, but I am asking the person who does have access to try and set aside an IP address for a static configuration that won't get leased out through DHCP which would be for other WLAN devices. 

If anyone has any insight as to how I can get the printer operational, I would appreciate it.

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