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Canon IJ Scan Utility - is there a scan-to-bitmap black-and-white with threshold adjustment option?



I am looking for a good scanner for home use that can help me in my small children's book business.
I used to have a scanner (HP) that had a great option of black-and-white scanning where I could adjust the black/white threshold so I got a black/white only scan without any greys, and without having to do anything extensive on Photoshop except for erasing small dots that remained here and there. 

The Hp scanning software don't have this anymore and I'm hoping I'll find what I need in Canon. 
Does anyone have enough experience with the Canon IJ Scan Utility for Windows (10) to be able to tell me if this option exists in this software? 
The scanner I'm thinking of is Canon CanoScan LiDE 300 and obviously I need also good colour scanning possibility of up to 600 DPI, but I'm quite sure this is available with this software. 
Knowledgeable advice would be greatly appreciated on the black and white threshold scanning option, thanks!

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