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Canon Device Management Massive 73 GB DMC log file


Discovered that the apparent reason one of our workstations has been running slow recently was due to heavy CPU use caused by antivirus (Sophos) scanning of both device management console logs, which had grown to very large sizes.

The canon_device_management_console.log was 98 MB, which having run for a few years now, might be understandable.

The canon_device_management_console_service.log, however, has become entirely unacceptable, having reached 73.7 GB. (see below).

I have disabled the Device Management Console as a service and that seems to have freed up the CPU for the time being.  I'll probably delete the log as well and let it start fresh.


  • How did the file get so big?  I'm guessing it just recently happened, because CPU availability was fine until two weeks ago.
  • Can the logs be managed somewhere in the Canon Device Management Console application?  I've looked around, but can't find anything obvious.  I'd like the service to typically run, but just can't let it continue to generate such massive log files.